No matter what industry you’re in, having a content marketing campaign is becoming a necessity. But, the fact that everyone is doing it doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it right. It’s easy to set up a blog and writing it (although a bit more difficult) isn’t that much of a problem either.  Having a blog that brings you new readers and new customers and that keeps the audience engaged is a challenging task.

Here are a few tips on creating a compelling blog that can help your company.

Know why you are doing it

Having a blog is a journey but it should be all about the destination. Why are you starting a blog in the first place? If your company is new and small, a blog can help you establish yourself with the customers, tell them what you’re really about and why they should spend their money in your store.  Maybe, you’re already established, but you want to promote some new features, or you want to create a community around your brand. It’s important to keep these goals in mind when creating a blog. Every post should be a part of a larger puzzle.

Think about the reader

Before you start thinking about your readers – know who they are. Do the research about your audience – this means much more than age and occupation. Find out about their media diets, shopping habits, what other internet content they enjoy, how important online communities are to their lives and so on. Surveys and social media are the best way to do this. Once you have all that info, use it in your blog. Create the content that will suit your audience. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge them and offer something new, just do it slowly and be respectful.

Get technical

Knowing about the technical aspects of your blog is really important. Find out as much as you can about the hosting and choose your hosting platform carefully.  Also, building your blog site yourself can be useful – you get to choose what the blog is going to be from the start. Learn how to build your WP site and put your vision into it. Learning a bit of HTML coding can also be of great help. When your blog is up and running, the reader will be able to detect how into it you really are. Getting down to the nuts and bolts means you’re committed to your work.

Mix things up

Creating daily content can get repetitive, so you need to think ahead. Find a way to keep the audience interested. First of all, don’t limit yourself to text posts – add photos, videos and infographics to your blog whenever you can.  Also, try to write from different perspectives – invite people from your industry to create a guest blog post (you can do the same for them). You can also ask employees from different sectors to write about their perspectives and therefore showcase the way your company works.

Promote yourself

Your blog should always be out there – in the face of your readers. Don’t be shy about promoting it, posting regularly about it on social media and giving out special perks to regular readers. Engage with the readers in the comment section, get into discussions and don’ be afraid to use the first person and a bit of informal language. This will help the readers get to know your company and feel like it’s a part of their lives.

Your company can benefit greatly from a well-run blog. It can bring in more money, but it can also do more than that. Having a compelling blog means creating your own narrative.  You can’t put a price on that.


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