Working from your own home is a notion that seems almost fairy-tale like to some people, while to others it can seem like pure torture. There are many reasons for one to want to work from home, since benefits of this kind of employment are quite numerous. One may want to spend more time with his family, save on costs of a daily commute or just make their work day substantially more practical.

Still it’s not all cream and butter, when it comes to working from home. Sometimes it is hard to organize yourself in more relaxed and casual environment. Also, it can be quite difficult to focus on task at hand at home, where there are so many things to distract you. However, with just the right amount of organization and careful planning you can breach this significant problem. Regardless, it still doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy to achieve this.

Why it’s hard

However, working from home may sometimes prove to be quite more difficult that it may seam at first. As mentioned before, it is not easy to focus in a place where everything is designed for your pleasure. Also, without the pressure of supervision, and with the idea that you can take a break any time you want to, it can sometimes be quite hard to make this work.

There is also a problem of having holiday visitors, because since you’re not working typical 48 hours work week you might not be free during the weekend or even holidays. The important thing here is to always know your priorities. Be aware of the things that you can postpone and things that require your immediate and undivided attention. This is also where your organization and planning skills should be put to good use more than anywhere else. Still this is never an easy task.

It is also quite hard to balance your personal and professional life. This can pose a problem in several ways since first you can find it hard to separate your work time from the time you spend with your family and friends. Amongst the major drawbacks of this system, there is also the question of absence of any work-related social life. What this means is that there will be no more chatting with colleagues on short breaks, no more small talk by the water cooler and definitely no more interesting and refreshing chats during long carpools, or meeting new people at your workplace.

Why it’s good

First of all, you get to work from home. It’s over with 9 to 5 workdays, no more supervisors, you make your own work time and most importantly you are your own boss. There are many who would give up almost anything just to achieve this. Then, for those who think that this isn’t enough, just imagine the idea of eliminating your daily commute completely. Some people loose hours traveling to and from work, hours that could be spent either on relaxing or spending some time with your family, or in business-related productivity.

Another benefit of home employment is the question of the dress code. Why this is so great is because you can make the dress code whatever you want it to be. Work in your casual Friday outfit, in your pajama or even dress yourself in your work suit if you think it can in some way improve your productiveness. Working at home is also great since you are in charge of your own work schedule. Make a break whenever you feel like and push yourself hard when you think that you need to.


As any other thing in life, working from home has both its advantages and its drawbacks. Which one of these two will prove to be more dominant depends only on you, on your organizational skills and your power of will. Still if you are able to make it work, the reward is usually worth all the effort invested.


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