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How to Safely Send Heavy and Large Items – Rack up Skills

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Sending a parcel can be difficult if it is heavy, large, or both. It’s important to take safety precautions or it may not even arrive at the destination in one piece. Here’s what you can do to make sure it gets home safely.

Check your packaging

Quality packaging is the key. You cannot have the best results if the packaging is cheap. The box you use should be sturdy and rigid. It shouldn’t collapse if someone places another parcel on top. Also, the bottom shouldn’t drop out when it’s lifted. Always prefer a lighter material over a heavier one so that the parcel can be carried easily, but give first priority to safe packaging. If you must use heavy packaging, don’t reinforce just the bottom – what if someone turns the parcel on its side by accident? Keep all possibilities in mind when securing your packaging.

Weigh or measure carefully

Make sure that you weigh or measure your parcel when you have finished packing it. This should only be done at the end to ensure that your measurements are correct. It’s really important that you have this accurate information on hand when you arrange the delivery. Your parcel size and weight will determine the cost of your delivery. Miscalculated measurements may lead to problems and your parcel might not get delivered. Or the recipient may face an extra charge to receive it. Double-check the measurements and provide this information to the carrier when you organise the delivery.

Schedule a courier

When you have a difficult item to send, it’s always best to have a courier service deliver it for you. This is the most direct method of sending a parcel. Courier services such as Zoom2u are experienced in shipping difficult packages and they can get around quicker. For example, bike couriers can take shortcuts that delivery vans cannot. They also don’t have to take your parcel to a sorting office before it is delivered. Instead, they can take it right to its destination. This means that you can be sure your parcel will reach its destination, and on time too.

Get insurance

If your item is valuable, you might want to consider getting insurance before you send the package. This way, the item will be replaced or compensated for if something goes wrong. Since you are packing it yourself, insurance is a good idea – you are not an expert in packaging and may make a mistake even if you are being very careful. Talking of safety measures, here is a tip: Mark it with terms such as ‘heavy load’, ‘fragile’, or ‘this way up’ to make sure it’s handled correctly. This will also help out anyone who is unaware of the parcel and tries to pick it up without realising how heavy it will be.


When you follow safety practices, you have a very good chance of your parcel making it to the right destination in the right condition and on the right time. If you aren’t sure about how to get the packaging done, consult with your courier when you arrange delivery. They should be able to let you know whether your precautionary measures are enough.


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