Everyone knows that traveling is one of the favorite activities known to man. However, most people abstain from going anywhere because they believe that this must cost an arm and a leg. This might be because of the common misconception that every travel abroad includes a luxurious cruise, an all-inclusive offer in a five-star hotel and some similar arrangements. Luckily, it is possible for one to travel even on a tight budget, which does not make their vacation experiences any less valuable. So, here are some tips how to arrange your frugal travel.

Start planning in time

Like all other businesses, travel agencies love certainty. This means that the earlier you pay, more they will count on you and better your deal will be. So, why not fully take benefit of this situation and try to pay for your vacation in advance. There is one problem here however, which mostly consists of volatility in currency, still, even this has a solution. Some travel agencies offer a deal for one of nice fixed exchange rate holidays. In this way, the shift in currency will in no way affect your deal, which eliminates one more variable and turns it into a constant you can count on.

Money saving apps

Another idea that could turn out to be a genuine budget-saver is to use some of the amazing travel apps. For example, some apps like Hotel Tonight inform you of the rooms someone canceled in the last minute and now their price of vacancy is next to nothing. Others like XE Currency are there to help you deal with foreign money. Sure, round numbers are easy to count but you would be surprised just how easy it is to get confused when dealing with small amounts of money like cab fares or tips at the restaurant. All in all, the tourism of 21st century is full of commodities that you would be wise to put to use.

Be careful while buying

Now, seeing how you are a tourist, you will have the urge to buy everything. This means that you will come in touch with some of the local merchants who might hope to benefit off of your inexperience when it comes to local prices. This is why, you need to keep your both eyes open and try and ask around in order to find out the real price of things. Sometimes, asking a friendly local for aid in these things might be a good idea. Just make sure that it is someone you can trust, like the receptionist at your hotel, guide or someone else who doesn’t benefit from you making a mistake here.

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Show some restraint

Some people are what modern media likes to call impulse buyers. What this means is that they see an item that they like (in this case it is usually either a piece of clothing or a souvenir) and they feel as they must have it at that exact moment. Unfortunately, there is only one known cure for the phenomenon of impulse buying and that cure is demonstrating some restraint. You can also try a trick or two, like counting to thirty in your head before buying, or walking another circle around the store/market prior to making a purchase. All in all, even though each of these items might seem small individually, when combined they can make or break your budget.

Just these few things will help make your trip much more affordable. This however, doesn’t just mean that it no longer endangers your long-term finances but also that in this way, you will be able to travel much more often. Be as it may, seeing how neither of these steps takes too much effort or makes too much trouble, there is not a single reason for you not to take them. In fact, they are highly recommendable even for those with a bit more money available to spend.

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