As the digital landscape is constantly changing, we’re also finding that in upcoming years our technological advances are finding ways to spill over into older more traditional advertising practices to make them easier and more efficient for businesses.

 Everyone who has driven through a few small towns knows that yard sign marketing is a huge tool for local businesses.  Realtors, Drive-way Sealers, Roofers, etc. have all used yard signs for decades to market their services.  Its a very targeted, direct approach.  Most of the people that drive by live in that geographic area, and most times they can actually see the job that was done.  I remember riding in the car with my father and he’d see a new drive-way and say “wow, they did a great job with that drive-way.”

Well in recent years, companies have had to choose between older more traditional methods and digital options like local seo campaigns, PPC advertising, social media campaigns, etc.  Its not hard to see how more traditional methods took a back seat.  Personally, between 2012 and 2014 we had over a dozen clients actually pull money specifically from yard sign advertising to spend more on digital avenues.

Moving into 2015, we’re actually seeing a reverse shift.  Thanks to those same technological advancements, we’ve actually reached a point where small businesses are re-visiting those same yard sign campaigns and seeing that they pursue them for less investment, faster turn-around time, and a more enhanced design/branding associated with those.

Because of the increased competition and scalability by online sign distributors, like and Build-A-Sign, the process to select, order, ship these yard signs is cheaper than its ever been.  In a lot of cases these signs can be purchased for as little as 50% less than what it took to purchase and deliver these same products just a few years ago.  This is allowing many more businesses to take another look and find a way to invest in this method of advertising once again.

Additionally, because everything is completely digital from ordering, to design submission, to payment, its far easily than when you had to physically call the area representative, they would take your information, you would have to then fax/scan over your designs, you would wait for them to confirm, then they would be printed and shipped whenever they were complete.

Last, now that so many companies are already investing in digital marketing and enhanced design concepts, there is a lot of re-cycling already branded images that have been used in other parts of their marketing campaign.  This completely eliminates the need to bring in a designer just for the task of creating yard sign images.

The bottom line is that while digital marketing in a lot of ways is being blamed for killing a lot of traditional marketing platforms, this is just one example of how the digital shift of business is also re-vitalizing these old concepts in a completely new way that in the long-term will help local businesses provide a better product, for a smaller investment.



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