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Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender,  ~Mahatma Gandhi~

Have you ever thought why successful people are so confident and different? Is it their luck, their money, or power? No it’s not. All of the successful people have one thing common in their life that is “motivation “.

But motivations are not that simple as what you may think. This is the main reason our million dollar industry is focused on personal development books, teaching, audio and seminars.

One of the big reasons that make human beings so gripped is that we are all  individuals. This is the main reason to see all successful people around the world. Also, we have different wishes, desires and goals and of course Motivation.

First decide which motivation category you come into and start following motivation programs, coaches and books.

I have studied and have come up the four important motivational points which will surely help you:

  1. The Worrier: The word “Worrier” is related to my friend. Whenever he heard some bad news he directly gets into deep sorrow. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, he reacts like the end of the world. If there is some issue with the satellite dish he thinks that he didn’t pay the bill or the services got suspended and the credit card points are declined.It took me some time to deal with this kind of situation. Initially I thought it was really scary and I would try to protect him with little things in life. However, now I clearly understood how he got inspired.Whenever he deals with trials even if it is big or small, he makes a cycle that is familiar. First, he deals with the complicated things, and then he chooses the easy option to perform the right action. And, he tried to simplify the things very quickly and victoriously. He faces the problem and solves the problem. This is the best technique which always works for him and it will also work for you.
  2. The Conservative: This type of people is well known to have a short-attention interval. Their primary goal is not big and it can be seen and achieved instantly. They can reach the path if it is divided into small chunks. Every little achievement will activate them to their last goal, but they require those small victories to stay motivated. This tag also applied to me in different ways, but I think deep down I am in my final stage.
  3. The Challenger: My brother loves to take challenges. Even if it is related to work or playing football. He fell more victorious if he has some competition. When his motivation jacks he can instantly boost himself and compare his goals with others. He always keeps a scoreboard which helps him get inspired. He has a winning attitude even if it is hard or impossible.For the greatest part my brother is a big success and started his carrier from a contractor hardly able to afford any house to high- level manager with a high paid salary and a good yearly incentive.
  4. The Braggart:  I come in this category because I find it’s not easy when I don’t have any goal. This is the main reason I don’t like  cleaning – you can clearly see the outcome, but if you have a big family you know how these outcome stay noticeable!Like the Conservative! I love doing big projects and break them into small bits so they are not so devastating.  Same, I do with  cleaning- first I put all the things in the right place, then clean and last I use my vacuum cleaner.But this isn’t enough for me to finish my task – I need to prepare a to-do list that I can check regularly and complete  my work  within a day. I need to lead some success for the day even if it is a shinning room or cleaning my cupboard.

Which category do you come into? Once you completely understand yourself you will be able to find the motivational technique that will definitely work for you. So start knowing about you and be inspired to live the life you want to live.


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