Our skin, nails, and hair can signify if something is wrong with our health.

Skin problems may not be just that, they can indicate a lot health issues in our body, from stress and anxiety to diabetes and GI issues. Therefore, the next time you notice some skin change on your body you may actually be dealing with a serious health problem.

Raised, red patches

This change
on your skin
may indicate you are having a psoriasis.
Namely, this skin condition appears due to an imbalance of immune
cells that leach underneath skin and cause inflammation.
Consequently, you start dealing with irritated skin patches. This
autoimmune disease is more likely to happen to people who have genes
that make them more susceptible to it. Early 20s and 50s or 60s are
the most common age for person to get psoriasis. Nevertheless, it is
possible to have it at any age.

30% of people who have psoriasis, have psoriatic arthritis as well.
Psoriasis and joint pain is what characterises this autoimmune
disease. Aside from treating the skin with a steroid cream, psoriatic
arthritis will require you undergo a treatment at rheumatologist.
Furthermore, heart disease, cancer, and depression are some of the
conditions people with psoriasis may be at risk of developing.

Dry, itchy skin

When it comes to dry and itchy skin, we are usually talking about
“winter itch”. This skin dryness is caused by a cold, dry
air. If you start using a humidifier, avoid very hot showers, and
start applying a thick layer of moisturizer twice a day, you will be
able to hydrate the skin perfectly.

However, if itchiness becomes so intense that you cannot support it,
than it is not just a winter itch. Furthermore, if you are also
experiencing symptoms like weight loss or fatigue, you might be
having a thyroid problem, certain cancers or renal disease. Doctors
indicate that skin becomes really itchy because of the inflammatory
hormones these diseases release.

 Velvet Plaques

If you notice velvety plaques in the neck or armpit this is the
indication you have diabetes. The cause of the condition could be
obesity or it can be completely benign. Hands and lips can also be
the places velvet plaques can appear, and in this case, you might be
facing an internal cancer. However, most often it is a sign of
diabetes. If it turns out it is benign, macs
facelift is the perfect
if you wish to improve the look of the neck


Stress is most often the cause of acne. Anxiety causes body to
release cortisol, which usually leads to breakouts. Some of the ways
to avoid acne is to start taking hormonal birth control. More
importantly, you should learn certain calming strategies, which will
help you relax both in stressful situation and after it goes away.
Try dancing to your favourite music at home, taking a few deep
breaths, yoga, or maybe walking around the block. All of this can
help you lower your stress level and avoid having pimples.


Your skin is a mirror of your health. Everything that is going on in your body can be displayed on your arms, legs, face, or any other part of your body. Therefore, monitor your skin condition and do not ignore any occurrences, because they may not be there without a reason. Listen to your body in order to stay healthy.


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