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If you are planning to travel to Croatia for the first time, there are many things you would expect to see and discover. However, much more will surprise you. Here is how to spend your holiday in Croatia the right way.

1. Walk around the national parks

All Croatia national parks are full of beauty. Ensure you visit at least one park while in Croatia. Pick one from the eight national parks available in the country. One of the most spectacular park to walk around is Plitvice-Lakes-National-Park. It is a two-hour bus ride from Zagreb. Here, you will wander along the spectacular wooden trails and enjoy the view of stunning waterfalls.

2. Sail the high-seas

Croatia has over one-thousand islands. Hence, do not miss a chance to navigate the high seas. The right way to enjoy your vacation in Croatia is spending enough time at the sea. Even if you are visiting Croatia for a few days, sailing the high seas is amazing. To appreciate Croatia beauty, you can incorporate the best of land and sea, by sailing the Adriatic-coast.

3. Look for a Konoba

While visiting Croatia, no matter which town or location you are, you will get something delicious to eat. Even though pizza in Croatia is amazing, do not let the pizza aroma seduce you. Look for small restaurants commonly known as Konoba. Here, you will find any unique Croatian dishes, which are amazing. There are several traditional dishes which are prepared with garlic, herbs, and wines.

4. Discover Zadar

One great thing you must do in Croatia is visiting the historic old towns, and the best one to visit is Zadar. During the day, you can enjoy some coffee in a 2000-year-old Roman-forum, or just wander the streets eating your ice cream. At night, you will enjoy spectacular sounds of the music festival. The music festival runs from July-August every year. You will also enjoy more music along Zadar’s paths.

After enjoying the town of Zadar, you need to stay some days discovering Croatia property. Most people who visit Croatia love everything about the country, some choosing to stay for good.

5. Explore Istria

When you think about Croatia, you will see beaches and islands. But there is the northern part of Croatia you need to visit. You need to explore Istria. Here, you will find Medieval-Hilltop-town, which offer an array of foods, and some of the countries best wines, olive oil, and the popular white truffle.

You may also decide to try cycling since Istria has some of the best charming routes geared for riding. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will find trails with outstanding views and several places to stop and enjoy some drinks.

6. Do not skip Zagreb

Most travelers in Croatia land in Zagreb, collect their luggage and race off to different towns around the country. To spend your vacation in Croatia the right way, do not leave Zagreb so quickly. Set some time to admire the city’s architecture. Some of the buildings in the city have a unique raw-beauty.
Generally, there is more to see and visit while in Croatia. To appreciate everything that Croatia has to offer, you need at least two trips.

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