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This is the “Teenager” version that is shortened to just study skills for HS and college students. 200 pp.

Available in Kindle format only. Kindle can be read on cell phones and computers.


IQ can be greatly increased.

This book is full of AO’s (academic orgasms).

Education is power. Slaves are not allowed to read.

The elites are sophisticated in literacy, oratory and finance.

The greatest secret of learning will be revealed.

Imagine yourself with straight A’s in high school and college.
This book is an investment in your future.

Life is a race to learn what you need to know before a challenge.
Dr. Rogers is an expert mentor to help you reach your goals.

He was student athlete of the year at Stanford and had 99%, board scores in medical school and residency. He has guided many high school, college and grad school students to academic glory.

He is a neuroradiologist and Harvard trained imaging guided surgeon (interventional radiologist) who can help you to learn faster.

You can read in continuity or skip to whatever interests you. Story information is included because the context of an insight helps show its importance.

Chapter 2. Prereading.


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