Sustainability is a very important criterion for companies that apply green marketing concept to their business model. Green marketing is a powerful tool for winning over consumers who follow lifestyles of health and sustainability. This growing consumer group mainly consists of educated Millennials with above average income. Therefore, it’s one of the most rewarding audience group to work with.

Sustainable business examples

Companies usually determine their share of sustainable practices, products and services, depending on their business model. Ones that apply green marketing concept as its business model’s core, usually incorporate green and sustainable principles in their mission and do everything to lower their carbon footprint and make their business more ethical. Some of these companies are:

  • Ben & Jerry’s- promotes natural and organic ingredients and uses biodegradable packaging;
  • Starbucks- promotes sustainable coffee growing and encourages farmers with premium prices;
  • Timberland- uses environmentally friendly store designs and rates its shoes on their environmental impact.

Other companies apply certain sustainable practices in order to increase their employees’ morale, cut their production costs or use their sustainability for advertising and public relations purposes. Some of the best examples of companies that apply these innovative practices include:

  • Nike- created an app that allows its customers to check product materials’ sustainability;
  • Ford Motors Company- requires its suppliers to drive energy efficient vehicles;
  • Walmart- replaced two thirds of its truck fleet with fuel-efficient vehicles.

Common sustainable practices

In order to align their businesses with green marketing principles, entrepreneurs can implement a long list of practices that increase sustainability and lower their company’s carbon footprint. These are some of the examples:

Use less paper

Paper makes more than 35% of company’s waste stream, which means that printing paper reduction can result in drastic sustainability increase and cost cuts. This can be done by encouraging employees to keep all of their documents in digital form. Even the most important official documents can be complemented with digital signatures and kept in digital form.

Are your offices green?

HVAC systems are among the biggest energy consumers in office environment. Under the influence of global warming, these systems were turned into a huge energy drains. Recently, many air conditioning companies started installing sustainable HVAC systems, which use much less energy. Moving on to lighting. LED lights are the best option for the environment. They do cost more, however, they provide so many benefits in the long run. Superlight, a supplier of LED lights, recorded an increase in more energy efficient lighting. Which is, of course, good news.


Companies need to separate their garbage in several bins with clear labeling. This garbage should be exported to recycling companies. Businesses can also recycle electronic waste, which can be very toxic for the environment. For this purpose, entrepreneurs can contact various charity organizations or computer manufacturers that offer take-back programs.

Green delivery

Retailers who use e-commerce sales model mainly rely on efficient product delivery. If they want to make their delivery more reliable, they can form their own van or truck fleets. Hybrid and electric vans and trucks can drastically decrease fueling costs and they leave much smaller carbon footprint. EU law offers tax and insurance deductions for owners of these vehicles, which is another way company can benefit from building their green delivery fleet. Small businesses have the option to hire delivery companies that use these types of vehicles.

Invest in sustainable side projects

Tesla is one of the most popular automotive brand names among Millennials, and the reason for this is its orientation towards sustainable practices and products. Electric roadster is definitely their most popular green product, but they also have many other innovative side-products that increase their green rating and do wonders for their PR. One of those projects is the development on Powerwall home battery that can be charged with solar panels.

All in all

Green concept is becoming more popular every year. Many successful companies are driving this change in order to win over consumers and make this planet a better place. We never thought that corporations will fight the greenhouse effect, but it looks like big businesses are the only players who are powerful enough to make significant change.

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