I think there isn’t a time in our life where we don’t feel confused. There will be times in our life where we will wonder where our life is going, why certain things are happening the way they are happening and it is only normal to feel this way.

The reason why you feel this way is because most likely there is a lack in your life, perhaps life isn’t going the way you want it to be going, perhaps you are feeling disappointed that certain things didn’t happen the way you expected and all this is normal. All this is part of life.

I know firsthand that feeling confused or even being confused can be a sense of discomfort, it leaves one feeling worried, anxious, wanting to go outside of oneself to get what we feel we don’t have and is missing. It is during these times when it is easy to fall into depression, become a compulsive shopper, get into drinking, perhaps even be tempted to use drugs, over eat, become clingy, among other things, all just to numb what we’re feeling and feel better. The problem with all of the things that I last wrote is that none of these things will fill in the void that you have. None of these things will permanently change what you’re feeling nor your life. What all these things can lead is to more trouble, more confusion, more sadness, feeling more lost, more debt, more weight gain, a decrease in self-esteem and the list goes on and on.

The reason why we fall prey to these things is because, apart from the desire to numb the negative emotions, we are viewing confusion in the wrong way. When feeling confused, this is the perfect time to look within, not look out. This is the perfect time to understand yourself, not to numb what you are feeling. This is the perfect time to listen to what your inner self wants to tell you, not to listen to other people’s advice. Looking outside of you will confuse you. Looking within will enlighten you. This is the true beauty of feeling confused.

Whenever you feel confused in life, stay still. This means to be quiet. Don’t try to numb your emotions. On the contrary, sit with yourself and give yourself some quiet time to understand where your emotions are coming from. Ask yourself why is it that you feel the way you feel. Try to listen to your own advice as opposed to following other people’s advice.

Avoid the temptation to shop, drink, over eat or anything else that are just fillers. Fillers are only a temporary thing. What you need and crave is a permanent thing and that permanent thing that you crave for can only come from within. Fillers create bad side effects such as weight gain, insecurity, debt, bad health, anxiousness, more confusion, etc.

Remember that the feeling of confusion is only temporary. A lot of times when we feel certain negative emotions, we tend to feel so overwhelmed as if they will last forever. Remember that the feeling of confusion is not forever. Remembering this will help you feel some ease. Our thoughts heavily influence the way we feel so learn to train your mind so you can train your thoughts.

Being or feeling confused doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There is beauty in feeling confused. Feeling confused is an indicator that you need to stop, look within you, understand yourself so that you can learn what is it that your inner being is trying to tell you.

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