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Many people spend their entire life looking for happiness.

  They never grasp the fact that the true source of happiness comes from within them.  It doesn’t come from money or the acquisition of material things…it comes from their perspective of things…it comes from their thoughts.

So right now, at this very instant each of us have the power to make us happy. We can think of a nice memory from our past or something we would like to do or someplace we would like to go or imagine ourselves living our inspirational dream.

All kinds of different things could potentially make us smile and feel happy and they all come from our

But that same thing that makes us feel happy and upbeat can also bring us down .

How we feel is all related to our thoughts and how we perceive them.

Throughout my life I have often heard people use the expression “an idle mind is the devil’s playground”, but it is only now that I have an appreciation for the power of the human mind that I truly understand how true
that old saying really is.

When our mind is idle and unfocused, it will present to us ideas and notions of all sorts and manner,
some of which can lead us down paths of thought that are unpleasant and even unhealthy.

We can be sitting in our favorite chair at home thinking calmly about things in general, when suddenly a thought or a memory will pop into our head.  Maybe it’s a memory of something someone said or did that we didn’t like.  The more we think about it, the angrier we get!

We transition from being calm and relaxed to extremely upset….all over a thought.

Most of the time our thoughts are nice and pleasant and associated with the here and now, but sometimes we can get off on a tangent and start reminiscing about something in the past that made us angry or we start thinking about something unpleasant that hasn’t even happened yet (and maybe never WILL happen) and it upsets us.

We can even think about something that has nothing to do with us but makes us angry nonetheless.

When we are in that frame of mind, we make ourselves angry and upset over something that is completely pointless… yet we do it to ourselves.

When we let our mind wander and imagine whatever it wants, we can cause needless stress and damage our health.

Now I’m not suggesting we should never let our mind wander. It can be a very pleasant experience if we allow ourselves to daydream about something we WANT to think about. Some of life’s greatest ideas come from just sitting around day dreaming.

If you are striving towards an inspirational goal, daydreaming about it can be a pleasant and even fruitful experience. When we daydream about a goal we are pursuing, our subconscious mind can help us find a solution on how to achieve it.

However, it’s when we find our mind wandering off on a tangent and thinking about something unpleasant that we have to check ourselves.

When we think about things that upset us our heart rate goes up…our blood pressure raises…and we release cortisol into our blood stream. Cortisol is the hormone released when we are actually, truly stressed about something real in the here and now. This sudden influx of cortisol inhibits our immune system which opens us to the possibility of becoming ill.

So it is important to be mindful of the thoughts running through your mind.  If you find yourself getting angry over
something, pause for a moment and ask yourself if this is something you should be getting yourself worked up over.

Even if what you are getting angry about is real (i.e., a situation you are experiencing in the here and now), ask yourself the same question.  Is it really worth getting upset about? Because often it’s not the situation that upsets us…it’s our perspective of the situation.

We should consider if there is another way of looking at it or another way of dealing with it. Maybe the situation can be dealt with calmly and rationally and yet still achieve the outcome you desire.

Anyone who finds they are getting angry over thoughts running through their mind should simply change the channel and think of something else. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of deep breaths while we think of something more pleasant.

The important thing though is to be aware of your thoughts and react to them appropriately. If you find yourself getting angry over something that happened in the past that you can do nothing about, or something that had nothing to do with you or something that someone else said or did, try and put it into perspective to your current situation.

Ask yourself…what’s the point? What can you do about it? If the answer is nothing, try and forget about it and move on! Think of something that doesn’t upset you. Always endeavor to keep your frame of mind in a peaceful, happy

If you have any techniques you use to control your thoughts, I’d love to hear about them. Enter your comments below.

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Have a pleasant day.

2015 – MD Tinney – Author of “Re-Energize Your Life”


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  1. Milton Ayala 5 years ago

    You’re so right @madoti if is not useful forget about it. Clarity of mind is priceless.


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