Many small businesses experienced decreased output of production at a certain point of their existence.

To some it occurs quite often and more often than not the reason is the lack of employee productivity. It can happen to anyone and you have to be wary of such situations and ensure that you don’t lash out at your workers or make some decisions you might regret at a later date.

In this article we will cover several steps you could take in order to keep your workers happy and your business afloat.

Kind word goes a long way

Proper communication with your team members is crucial for maintaining high productivity. You can think of your company as a living organism, human body to be exact. You have a chain of command which has to be respected, with brain being on top of all things. Channels of communication can be translated into the nervous system and all of the organs receiving command from the brain as your team. If everything is functioning as it should, you have a healthy individual which is productive on a day-to-day basis.

Be that as it may, some people lack the interpersonal skills and if those people are in leading position it can affect the entire business. In such cases it’s best to have somebody serve as a link with workers. Those are usually HR or personnel department employees who have the skills that can boost the morale and motivation of others by commending a job well done or an individual which stands out. At the same time they can deal with those less productive workers in a less painful way and try to turn tables around, without the need for unnecessary relegations.


There are numerous ways you can reward your employee for standing out and doing their job consciously. Among those several are worth pointing out:

  1. Salary bonuses – now, these are not raises, just a one off bonus that shows you keep track of their effort and that if they continue in such a way, they just might get that raise or even a promotion they are looking for.
  2. Extra free days – everyone would appreciate a few extra days off after a tough project they’ve just been through. The best way to award your worker is to give them Friday or Monday off, so they can take a prolonged weekend trip to let some steam off and get back to work refreshed.
  3. A gift – choosing a present for an employee can be quite difficult, as it is hard to give a gift to someone you don’t spend your time with outside of work. In such cases awarding them with a universal gift card is an ideal solution.


Pay rises and promotions

This is the biggest reward you can give to any one of your employees who went the extra mile for several consecutive months. This way you will show them that their effort will not go unnoticed and that they should keep giving their best for the company. After all, many of them have families they take care off, and even if they don’t everyone is motivated to improving their lifestyle to the best of  their abilities.

It does not matter which of the methods you choose for rewarding the effort your workers put out for the better of your company, as long as you do it. You will not only raise the workplace atmosphere to a new level, but also instigate everyone else to give their best as well.


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