1. Be the alchemist of your own life. Learn the practice of transmuting negative experiences into positive lessons. Use your emotional creativity to create these lessons. You have this power. There is so much wisdom hidden under the layers of a dark experience but you have to open yourself up to see it. Shift your perception.

2. Find the treasure in emotional discomfort. For everytime you face this side of yourself, you come out stronger and ready for the next circumstance. Even if you feel fear, it doesn’t mean it has to govern your actions. Aim for becoming stronger emotionally.

3. Learn to see your experience whole. Do not separate everything into negative and positive and leave them separate without seeing how positive can grow from negativity. Realize that you are being presented with this challenge because deep inside, you need it for growth.

4. Learn how to shield yourself. Something I practice a lot is closing my eyes and imagining my heart as a powerful ball of fire. For every breath, I imagine this energy pulsating outwardly. Then I visualize a beautiful silver line tracing around all of my body. I send the intention that I want this shield to be strong enough to protect me from outside energies but thin enough to still give me an experience of their existence.

5. Always rememeber that people who suffer create suffering. Stay mindful in compassion towards everyone. Understand them deeply even if you do not agree with them. The moment you resist, you manifest more suffering. More emotional struggle. Make it easy for yourself by thinking of solutions as to how you can uplift the moment instead of identifying them with the same things they haven’t been able to release. Focus on what YOU can do.

6. Realize your own power and everyone else’s. Think of people as active emotional vortexes. We have the ability to suck ourselves in with our own perception of someone else’s emotional state of being. You are part of your conclusions about other people. Whatever you see in them has to do with yourself. When you choose to blame everything you feel on somebody else without noticing that the identification of it is your perception, you make yourself feel worse than you need to. Take responsiblity for what you are and release whatever you added onto an already low vibrational experience.

7. Always remember, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Being sensitive is only a burden when we think is is a weakness. It’s not a weakness. It is a strength. You have the ability to see the whole picture. You have the ability to see people for who they truly are. Don’t get caught up in egotistic tendencies by focusing on what is wrong. Focus on solutions. You do not have to be a victim. You can be a powerful creator of new experiences. Let that ability to see the deeper side of things inspire you to manifest new circumstances.


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  1. Steven J. Guarneri 5 years ago

    This is absolutely brilliant and so true! I took away that our experiences must not be labeled and common misconceptions of what is negative and positive are merely experiences that can build us up on our journey. Yielding to negative egocentric ideologies I.e blaming others/holding on to hatred will only harm our growth.

    This was a great read for me.

    Thank You


    Steve Guarneri

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