Nowadays, young adults who are looking to make some extra money are no longer just applying for positions in their neighborhood supermarkets or fast food chains.

 In fact, many are getting in on the action of the sharing economy, whether for part-time gigs or even to make a full-time living.

There are many benefits to working for a company that allows you to set your own hours and build up your own clientele, especially if you are a teenager or young adult with your sights set on one day running your own business. And thanks to the growing popularity of the sharing economy, there are more opportunities than ever to get your piece of the pie. Here are a few ideas for starting a business of your own by taking advantage of the sharing economy:


A driver. If
nothing makes you happier than being out on the open (or even
traffic-congested) road and you’re at least 21, then providing shuttle services to those in need of a ride
could be right up your alley. This can be an especially great gig for college
students who need a job that can revolve around their crazy class and studying
schedules. This is one of only a few jobs that allows you to punch in and out
at any hour and as often as you please.


Become a babysitter.
Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but many moms, dads
and other guardians would admit they don’t take nights off as often as they
would like to. Part of that is because they don’t have a reliable
babysitter. Take it from a former babysitter – once you’ve built a rapport with
a family, you can quickly become their go-to person any time the parents need a
night or even an afternoon off the clock.


…Or a pet sitter.
If you aren’t comfortable around kids but you squeal with excitement every time
your neighbor walks her dog past your window (and you’re 18 or older), pet sitting might be your ideal opportunity.
You’ll get paid to play with man’s best friend, and often you’re able to do it
in the comfort of your own home. Bonus: Since dogs generally don’t require the
same constant care that young children do, you can multitask by knocking out
that pesky homework assignment while Fido naps.


A handyman or errand
If you’re talented at organizational tasks or fix-it services and
you’re 21 or older, there are companies that will pay you for your skills. Agencies that
specialize in these services connect you with a consumer based on your skills
and the client’s specific need. One of the great features of this kind of job
is that you’re not limited to just one task – the more types of jobs you’re
willing to do, the more you can keep your schedule from becoming too


While many of these companies require you to be 18 or, even 21, or older to work for them, many of these jobs can be done for friends and family members without going through a company until you reach the age requirement. It’s never too early to start exploring what your professional interests may be – and why not make a little bit of money while doing so?

**PHOTO CREDIT: Image via Pixabay by StartUpStockPhotos**


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