Freelancing industry in United States is growing at a very fast pace, and in 2015 more than 53 million people were doing some kind of freelance work.

With so many players in the game, freelancers need to improve their work quality to stay competitive on the harsh online market. Always remember that there are people from developing countries that have the same education, and would do your job for much less money.

In this article we listed some fields in which freelancers can improve their performance, by using some of the useful tools we mentioned.


Spell and grammar checks are necessary for freelance writers, but other freelance professionals
can also benefit from automatic proofreading. Most freelancers search for jobs on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and there they need to write an original cover letter for each job they bid on. Most clients would never hire a
freelancer who misspells words and makes grammar mistakes.

There are many different proofreading tools. Word itself comes with one, as well as
WordPress and other text input layouts on various websites around the web.
Experts say that one of the best spell and grammar checker is built inside
Google Docs, this checker can also be easily upgraded with Google Docs
Consistency checker add-on. There are also paid apps that offer more advanced
checks, like:

  • Grammarly– it’s great for short documents, but not that reliable
    when it comes to full-length novels and scripts;
  • Ginger– It comes with desktop, Android and iOS versions and
    as a Chrome add-on;
  • Text-to-Speech– comes with an options that
    enable users to hear their document read;


Separating freelance work into tasks is one of the basics of good organization, for all
freelancers. There are many different apps that are used for this purpose, with
Google Tasks currently being the most popular one. It comes with plenty of
features, including the one that turns Gmail inbox messages into task in just a
few clicks. This app also syncs with Google Calendar, so you can also review
tasks and to-dos that are scheduled for certain day or a week, all in one

Online Collaboration

Freelancers are never lonely. Most of them are part of big teams that are connected through
different online collaboration apps. These apps can also be used for
communication between employers and freelancers and creating work schedules. Two
of the most popular online collaboration apps are: Trello and Basecamp. Both of
these use kanban paradigm
(Basecamp only in its newest version called Basecamp 3) for creating functional
and transparent work schedules. This system created in Toyota, puts to-dos in
the form of cards that are being shifted through different columns that
represent work process phases.

Storing Files

Cloud storing apps can be very useful, especially for freelancers. These apps enable
people to transfer and store files without using physical memory, like USB
sticks or hard drives. Cloud storing apps come with different storage sizes and
features and one of the apps that offer great value in both fields is pCloud.
It comes with great encryption tool called Crypto that secures stored data from
any kind of intrusion. The app itself together with the encryption tool are
backed by large developer’s community. pCloud company makes this app even more
popular with its hacking
challenge event.

Time Tracking

For freelancers time is the most valuable thing. They are usually confronted with
bunch of work and short deadlines, which is why they need to improve time tracking
process and make use out of every minute of their work day. Time tracking, like
anything else on this list, can be improved with using special apps, designed
for this purpose. The most popular one is called Toggle that comes with both
free and premium versions and great analytics panel that can thoroughly analyze
time you spent, while working on your projects.

Freelance work is easier when using all these tech goodies. They will enable you to become more productive, organized and therefore more competitive on freelance market places.


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