In this day and age, everything and everyone seems to be online. This applies to both individuals and businesses alike. Now, while this thriving ecosystem does offer numerous benefits and opportunities, it’s also important to remember that it can be a very dangerous place. Simply put, the rise of technology brought forth the rise of people and organizations who are looking to profit off of unsecured cyber databases, and everything else that can be found in them. Of course, data breaches have been increasingly on the rise in the past decade or so, and hackers and others alike are looking for new ways to steal any sensitive data they can possibly get their hands on.

Basically, every piece of sensitive data that’s been stolen has some sort of value to cybercriminals, no matter if we’re talking about credit card info, sensitive business secrets on virtually anything else. So, in order to combat this increasing threat, more and more businesses are choosing to implement the SSL certificate into their websites. That being said, here are a few reasons why your website should be secured with SSL encryption.

What is SSL?

In order to be able to explore the matter any further, we must first make sure that we define SSL. Simply put, SSL or Secure Socket Layer is the security technology used for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. What this means is that all the data that passes the server and the browser remains private and secure from any outside breaches.

That’s why websites that contain “https” in their URL – the websites that feature SSL certificate – are more appealing to the online customers, as they are ensured this way that all the transactions they make online will stay private.

The integrity of your website

A website that features SSL certificate has the power to prevent any interference in the way your website responses to its users caused by a third party. This means that no hackers or any other intrusive companies can make a breach onto your website. For instance, the websites that don’t feature SSL certificate can easily get overflown with ads of other intrusive companies which can easily ruin the entire browsing experience for anyone visiting your website. Furthermore, your website visitors may even think that you’re the one bombarding them with unnecessary popups and ads, which may cause them to become irritated by your brand and that’s definitely something you wish to avoid at all cost. What’s more, hackers and ill-intended people will be able to tamper with all of your website elements, potentially infesting them with malicious programs or exploiting your client’s sensitive information.

The integrity of your users

As already mentioned, all the sensitive personal data your users leave on your website will be available to hackers and other sneaky individuals alike if your website is not secured with SSL encryption. The most common way these attacks happen is when a third party manages to position themselves as the person-in-the-middle of interaction happening between your website and its end user. That way this person can easily access all the information provided by your website visitor that’s meant to be for your eyes only. That’s why, when planning your website budget, make sure you leave enough room for to implement SSL certificate in your website as well, to ensure that your client’s information is safe and secure from any potential breaches.

The impact on your rankings

Since the competition is so strong nowadays, it’s no wonder that every business that has any type of online presence is looking to get their website more visible and easily findable by their target users. That’s why many businesses choose to hire SEO services to help them boost their website’s position on the browsers and improve their ranking signals so that the users can find them more easily. Google, in particular, favors websites that are secured with SSL certificate because they take cyber security on websites very seriously. In fact, having HTTPS on your website is considered one of the key ranking signals by Google. The easiest way to know if the website is secured with SSL encryption or not is by checking to see if there’s a small green padlock icon next to the website’s URL. Simply put, if the padlock is nowhere to be found, or if it’s crossed out, you should definitely take your browsing elsewhere.

Therefore, make sure that your website offers a safe browsing environment to its visitors by securing with SSL certificate. Not only will this make your website more appealing to users, but it will also make your entire brand more trustworthy.

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