If you believe that you are a great pragmatist with high ability of critical thinking as well as a great advice giver, you might want to consider life and business coaching as your professional career.

Possessing teacher characteristics can come in handy in many different situations in life and these situations do not have to revolve around you only. Helping others find their way in life might bring you more satisfaction and fulfillment than you have ever dreamed to be possible.

Helping someone become self-aware

A lot of people are insecure and have a lot of troubles when it comes to some deep self-reflection. If you are able to listen carefully to their problems and pick significant traces of the way they think and do things you just might be able to help them get on the right track. It is important to remember that doing some serious self-reflecting instead of a person in need is definitely not enough. You have to explain them step by step how to do adopt this process themselves so that they can be more secure in their own decisions and find answers within themselves more easily. Gratitude that you can get in the process is not measurable in money.

You know a great deal about certain subject

Whether it is managing the finances, having an attitude during a business meeting or anything else that might help someone else find their place in the business world and life in general, you can share your knowledge. It would be best to make your coaching in this area as specific as possible so that you can avoid giving any frivolous advice. Moreover, listening and finding good solutions for other people’s issues can gradually make you even better at problem solving skills.

You can make someone take action

The feeling of being able to motivate someone is great by itself but any good coach will also find necessary to prompt other people to take action about any issue in their life as soon as possible. If you are wondering how to become a life coach like that simply use your retrospective skills to ask yourself whether you find happiness, your own motivation and boost of creativity when you see positive feedback and ability of other people to take charge after their time with you. If the answer is ‘yes’, you already are a fine example of a life coach.

You will find yourself becoming more open-minded

By coaching others both personally and professionally, you will have to put yourself in other people’s shoes a lot. If you are willing to devote your full attention to someone and imagine things that they go through, new horizons will open for you as well. You are probably tolerant and kind already, but while encountering different personalities and problems you will grow more as a person and become even better at understanding how people that are not like you feel thus becoming better at your job of helping others. This is a career that offers improvement with every working hour.

Flexible working place and hours

In order to be a good life and/or business coach, you do not have to be confined in an office. Of course, there is nothing wrong with working in the office but if you prefer, you can do your consulting at home, over the phone, while you travel and even online through useful platforms such as Skype. This means that the whole world can become your client meaning that your ability to help others can spread globally. Moreover, you can set your own working hours and offer advice around your busy daily schedule.

Yes, people usually need to find a stone inside their shoe on their own, but as a life coach you can help them do so. This is one of the most rewarding jobs emotionally and even economically so if you believe that you are up for the task, do not wait for the opportunity to present itself, but seize it with your own hands – you probably already know that this is the right approach to everything in life though.

Nate M. Vickery is an entrepreneur and business consultant from Sydney, Australia. In his free time he likes to share some of his insights and experience by blogging.


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