An injury is any physical harm or damage to the body that is caused by external force. There are many types and causes of injuries. Your first step after any injury determines how long you will take to recover from that injury. When you follow the right steps you will recover quickly. In this article, i will talk about what you should do immediately and after an injury:

After an injury, the affected area should put to rest. If you are running, playing games like football and other sports activities you should stop and rest. You should not continue with the activity you were doing. Resting allows the affected area to heal. Without resting after an injury there will be more strain on the affected area, this will eventually lead to increased pain, swelling, and further damages. You should also not rest for too much. When the muscles are not working they lose about four percent of their strength. This means that if you are just going to sit back and rest for more than three weeks your muscles will lose all their strength. After about two to three days start exercising the affected part. Start with minor exercises as you go on. Exercising the injured part will make it retain its strength while recovering.

Avoid strenuous activities such as carrying heavy weighted objects or any other activity that will reproduce the pain. If you had a back injury you should avoid sitting or standing in the same position for long. You should also avoid all physical activities that are risking further damages. If your ankle has been injured you should not walk for long distances, stand for long or carry heavy objects as they may result in increased damage. You should also consider you sitting, standing and sleeping posture. Avoid any posture that will tend to reproduce the pain. Avoid any posture that will strain the affected part as this will increase your recovery period.

Heat and ice can be applied to the affected area to reduce pain. Ice should be used immediately after the injury to reduce inflammation. Ice should be applied for not more than three days because it lowers the rate of healing of the affected part. Applying heat on the affected part reduces pain. It is recommended that you apply heat after about seventy-two hours because when applied immediately it stimulates the inflammation of the affected area.

Massaging the affected muscles in case you had a muscular injury increases the recovery and reduces pain. A massage will help recover quickly from muscular injuries. Measaging the affected muscle will help you if you cannot do exercise due to the nature of the injury. Some of the best massages that deal with reducing pain and relaxing body are thai massage, traditional hong kong massage, swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

If you are in severe pain you can look for over the counter painkillers such as Advil and Tylenol. These painkillers have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation. If these over the counter painkillers does not help reduce the pain you can seek for doctors prescription about the strong painkillers you should use.

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