Organizing business events is one of the most direct and aggressive ways to market your business. However, if you want such event to work its magic, you need to make sure every aspect of it works like a clockwork – from food and drinks to music and accommodations. The key thing is to rent the perfect space and keep to the schedule. If you have not done this before, here is the ultimate guide to host a memorable business event.

A constant reminder

If you plan to organize an event of any kind, you need to start thinking about marketing. It would be a major mistake to wait for a week before the event is scheduled to send out “invitations”. Pre-launch content is obligatory, and you need to start sending emails and reminders two months before.

Reminders are very important here – as research has shown potential customers need at least “seven points of contact” in order to be persuaded into a purchase or an attendance. Start sending mails out as soon as you can and make them more frequent as the event approaches.

A matter of prestige

However, you do not want potential attends to consider your event as just another throwaway business affair masquerading as a nice soirée. In order to create an appearance of prestige, you need to create scarcity. You can achieve this by lowering the number of tickets being sold – and therefore generate the “up for grabs” atmosphere.

Try to plan time sensitive pricing – for example, as the events come closer, the prices of tickets can increase. You can also announce “special pricing” windows that last for a week or longer. This will both give value to your event and force the attendees to commit.

A personal touch

When you browse for venues you can rent out for your business event, choose a place that will allow you to add a personal touch. Modifiable space can be tweaked to aesthetically evoke the appearance/mission of your company. It also needs to fit the theme of the event.

However, do not let it be too cold – warm it up with small details that can mean a lot. The first thing people notice when they walk into an unfamiliar venue is the floor, as they certainly don’t want to trip or slip on something. This is your chance to grab their attention with a unique doormat, so make sure you check out some creative doormats online and tailor a perfect piece that will greet your guests in style. The same thing can be achieved by adding warm curtains to cover the walls and rustic tablecloth beneath the food plates.

Service is everything

The logistics of good service are the essence of building a memorable business event. You have to consider the size of the venue and the number of people you want to invite in order to decide whether will you bring in more chair or no chairs at all, how much catering will you need, etc.

Browse online for reviews and opinions on the widest variety of catering services and decide whether you will have just a reasonable amount of small bites or an impressive banquet. Remember, you do not want your attendees to stuff themselves with food too much – their attention span will diminish, and they will probably feel sleepy and want to go home before you get a chance to get to the crux of the event.

In addition, bring enough staff to have your guests entertained on a personal level. Each member of the staff needs to be debriefed on the agenda of the event and they have to provide all the necessary information to each of the attendees. The ratio of one staff member on five attendees is fairly reasonable.


Keep the affair as light as possible. You do not want your attendees to feel as if they are pressured into doing something. Nobody likes to feel as if they are just another side note in somebody’s agenda. Instead, you need to ease them into it with some small talk and a tasty food, which is what these memorable business events are all about.

My name is Alex Williams, born and raised in beautiful Sydney. I am a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.


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