Obesity in children is a growing problem that hasn’t been addressed enough. With junk food available on every corner, it’s difficult for children to resist the temptation when it tastes so good. The crucial step all parents should make is to teach their children about the benefits and importance of living a healthy life. Implementing healthy eating habits and physical activity into your children’s daily routines will not only improve their health, it will also have a big impact on their social life and mental state. Here’s what you can do to make your children more interested in an organic lifestyle.

The social effect

Obesity in children can be caused by numerous social factors, but obese children can also have difficulties in maintaining social connections. Children who are bullied at school or in some way rejected by their peers can start avoiding social contact and mostly keep to themselves. It often happens that socially unaccepted children take comfort in overeating, which can cause serious health problems. Parents are the first to step in and address the issue. They should explain to their children that they shouldn’t suppress negative emotions with food, but face them instead. Parents are there to provide all the necessary support and understanding and ask for the help of experts if needed.

The psychological effect

Healthy eating habits and physical activity can improve your health as well as your psyche. Teach your children about the positive impact a healthy lifestyle has on their mental state. By eating properly and doing sports, you feel better about yourself. A green lifestyle helps children stay in good shape, while it also boosts their confidence. Additionally, it motivates them to keep going and find new ways to improve their well-being as they grow older.

The right foods

If it were up to children, their daily menu would consist of hamburgers and candies alone. The role of parents is to teach their children to value and consume healthy foods. Look for organic products by visiting local farmer’s markets. Food grown on organic farms is free of chemicals that are bad for our health. Also, farmer’s markets offer products that are cheaper than those found in supermarkets.

Prepare meals together

Instead of just talking about a healthy lifestyle to your kids, involve them in the process. Have them take part in cooking with you, familiarize them with healthy ingredients and explain why you are using them. Prepare a healthy smoothie together with a variety of fruit and teach them about the importance of fresh and nutritious food and how it tastes really good. Nowadays, there are plenty of quality kitchen appliances that can help you in your mission to stay healthy. Cooking meals together is a great opportunity to educate your children about a green lifestyle while you’re all having fun.

Fun and recreation

Physical activity is essential for children’s growth and development. Children can find it displeasing and tiring, as they would rather stay at home and watch TV or play video games, but you can get them interested by turning it into fun family time. Ride a bicycle, swim, or hike together. You can also spend a weekend together enjoying outdoor activities, where your children can do all sorts of sports. Encourage them to enroll in a sport of their choice or to join one of the sports teams in their school.

Set a good example

The actions and behaviors of adults influence those of their children. Children see their parents as role models and look up to them. For that reason, before you start talking to them about the importance of healthy living, be sure to set the right example by incorporating all the “green” features into your lifestyle. Avoid eating junk food, exercise, and follow the advice you give to your kids.


Healthy practices often seem dull and unpleasant to children, but it’s the job of the parents to teach their children how an organic lifestyle can also be fun and beneficial. Make one change at a time in your children’s daily lives and the results will amaze you. 

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