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The Winning Formula To A Great Company Culture – Rack up Skills

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Building a strong company culture is not only about hiring the right people for the job.

Once you have a group of excellent employees, you need to look at ways to motivate and inspire, in order to create a not only a group of colleagues who share similar skills, but even more than that, a group of friends that will enjoy working together to achieve the same objective. If you are not sure how to build a winning company culture that will make your competitors envious, have a look at our three essential key factors below.


Having a workforce that is investing as much in the success of the
business as you are, means that you have to expose your employees to the intricacies
of the business in order to give them more context as to what you and your
partners are trying to achieve. This can be achieved by taking your employees
through the key business metrics in order to share your thinking with them, as
well as get valuable feedback about certain areas of the business that could
help you thrive. This move is also a signifier of trust and can help the entire
agency open up to each other about any ideas or concerns that they might have.



What might just feel like an office space for you, could be much
more to that of an employee who is working in that space from 8am until 5pm
daily. Creating an office space that is comfortable is important. This means
looking at offices that contain areas where individuals can work alone, as well
as areas where groups can meet and be creative in a comfortable space is key.
An area where the entire company can congregate for feedback sessions or social
occasions is also a great perk too provide. An office space is where one spends
a lot of time and this means that these spaces must be welcoming and creative
for all types of personalities.

Create Personal Connections

No matter the size of your company, is it essential that you connect
with your employees on a more personal level. This more emotional connection is
important to employees as with this intact, they will feel like it is possible
to approach management with any concerns or questions. This two way
communication will result in a happier workforce – those who feel like upper
management listens to them at not only at a business level, but on an emotional
level too. Experts say that caring, tenderness and affection are important in
the workplace – and we agree!


Other important factors to take into consideration when building a winning company culture includes a focus on values (and not so much perks), and a focus on processes (and making sure these are smooth and benefit the employees as well as the client). When structuring your company by hiring individuals and utilising Regus for office spaces, take these factors into consideration in order to build a group of employees that reflect the business objectives and showcase a business that looks after their members.




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