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Do you remember all those little sayings we used to hear from our mothers, could you ever imagine that you could apply them to your work from home business?  There are many ways to succeed in business, all depending on the kind of business you have and the kind of owner that you are.  There are however, a couple of rules that can be applied to all business, many of which we heard often from our mother’s growing up.

1. Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in your ability to succeed in business why should anyone else?  You should only build businesses that you truly believe in, and believe you can be successful running, or your business has already failed.

2.  Stand up Straight

Why? Because it conveys confidence.  Confidence is important, especially when you are a start-up spending a lot of time speaking to potential investors and selling yourself.  If you look like you are not confident in your product or service, no one will buy it.

3.  Ignore the copycats

I say it so much my throat hurts sometimes, when my younger one copies the older one, and within minutes she’s screaming for her to stop.  Copycats will come if you are doing something right, because they will see success in your business model.  Focus on what you are doing, continue to improve, and your customers will remain loyal to you.

4. Don’t Rush Because You Will Regret it Later

I remember my mom saying this often, especially when we had sweets and I wanted to gulp mine down, because she knew that I would not enjoy watching everyone else savoring theirs afterwards.  Apply the same principle to business, it does not happen over time, take your time and you will enjoy the ride. Every failure should be a learning experience.

5.  Don’t be Wasteful

There will be many mistakes along the way, keep some money saved up for those dry spells.  If you have the opportunity to meet great investors, use the money wisely.

6. If You Have Nothing Nice To Say…

Although the saying is that the customer is always right, we know that may not always be the case.  You will run into the one or two, or three unreasonable customers, and you will want to speak your mind, butIf you want your business to succeed, you will have to learn to be very patient.

7. You Can Do It!

Yes you can, it takes time and work to build an empire, but it can be done.  Microsoft did not become Microsoft over night, neither did Facebook. Building a work from home business can be hard because it is easy to get complacent.  Staying motivated can be hard at the beginning, that is when many people give up because they do not see results right away.  These moments are the ones that will matter most, because they will determine whether you have what it takes to succeed in business.


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  1. Rack up Skills 5 years ago

    This is solid sound advice. Thanks

  2. Author
    Nancy Laws 5 years ago

    Glad you enjoyed it!


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