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As a blogger, I have found social media to be a successful way to grow.  Almost all of my visitors have found me through social media, and blogging has allowed me to discover an untapped gift, and I have recently connected with my first client as a social media marketing manager.  The experience has been exhilarating, allowing me to add something new to my virtual assisting skill set.

When done right social media can open amazing doors for you and your business or brand, but when done wrong it can be a waste of energy and time. As we all know in business, every second wasted is money blown, your goal should be to be as productive as possible. Early on in your business, you may not be able to afford hiring an SMM Manager, taking the time to understand how to navigate these platforms will be essential to your growth.

1.  Be Warm and Friendly

Yes, it is your business and your goal is to create as professional an image as possible, but your followers are people behind the computer screen.  Before I began blogging, I spent a lot of time on Facebook, communicating with family and friends, I try to speak to my followers the same way. 

I mention people in my tweets when possible, creating a connection.  If my goal is to share the link to my Working Mom: Wednesday bloghop, I mention working moms that follow me specifically by name.  To let them know that I pay attention, and  have taken the time to look at their page.

I take the time to respond to those that mention me directly, and I support fellow bloggers and comment as much as I can.  Why would you expect others to take the time to read and comment your posts, if you are not willing to do the same for them?

2.  Are Your Icons Easy to Find

I have Icons on the right hand side of my blog, at the very top of my sidebar, as well as within the body of every post.  Make your icons easily accessible, your potential followers/clients should not have to search through your site to find a way to share content.  When it is easily available people enjoy sharing. 

They benefit as well, I have found sharing through Triberr has helped to build my audience on Twitter.  I have had great response and it has helped me to understand the importance of give and take when it comes to social media.

3.  Hashtags

Use them, and use them often, however, use them effectively.  Don’t add unrelated hashtags at the end of every post, it’s ridiculous, it looks ridiculous, and I will most likely skip you if i see you.

4.  Be Consistent

Share regularly.  Update your blog regularly, if you can create a schedule that your readers can follow, all the better. Life happens, we all know this, but trying to stick to a schedule as much as possible will keep your readers coming. You may lose them with inconsistencies.

5. Link 

Can your followers find your website or blog when they visit your social media accounts?  It should be easy for them to discover your site, link your accounts.  Make sure your profiles are completed and that they have an understanding of who you are, what you, and why they should know you.


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