Balancing home and work is hard when you are a working mother.

Apart from the weekends, you have next to no time to spend with your kids. And while parenting may be hard when you have a full time job, moms should always try and make the most of their free time. By choosing to include kids during your time away from work, you will improve the relationship with your children. Make an effort and try to do as much as you can with them. At the end of the day, you will enjoy child care, and spend good quality time with your kids.


Let Them Help You Relax


When you come home from work all you want to do is put your
feet up and relax. Invite your kids to spend that time with you. You can catch
up, or plan upcoming family events. Also, you can watch a film together, or
read a book snuggled under a blanket. And if you just want to sleep, you might
take a nap with your kids. You will increase the levels of intimacy, and your
child will feel loved. And even though your work takes a lot of your time, kids
will realize that you still want to spend time with them.


Let Them Help Around the House


Include kids in your daily chores. Whether it is cooking,
cleaning, or shopping, let your kids join in. You will be productive and get a
chance to spend quality time with them. In turn, they will gain independence when
you are at work. If you are held up, they can rely on themselves to do some shopping,
or prepare a meal. They will also develop a level of discipline, and pull their
weight around the house. And with kids around, chores will become fun-filled
activities both of you can enjoy.


Spend Time with Kids Right Before Bed Time


Sometimes you put long hours into your work. Finally, when
you get home, it’s already bed time. Even then you can take what little time
you have to spend it with your kids. Get them ready for bed time. You can read
them a story, or sing them a lullaby. You can also take the time and talk about
daily events, making sure you focus on the positives. Focusing on positive
things before bed time makes for quality sleep. Also, it’s the perfect time to
smother them with hugs
and kisses
. This will instill a feeling of safety and comfort before they
fall asleep. And if the last person they see at the end of the day is you, you
can be sure that you will be the first thing on their mind when they wake up.


Exercise Together


Even though you are over-worked you should always take care
of your body. And exercise is great for kids’ healthy development. Both of you
will have fun doing a boring task, and spend quality time together. Even if you
have no time during the day, five minutes of simple stretching and warm-up
exercise will do you both some good. You can take your kids for an evening jog
or a swim. Not only will it burn off extra calories, it will also help your
kid’s muscle development. It is also great stress relief and you can talk about
daily events during breaks. Jumping around 10 minutes on trampolines and jumping
castles is equal to 30 minutes of running. So, why not hire an adult jumping castle on the
. It will be a fun activity for the entire family, and a healthy
exercise kids will love.

Spend Your Days Off with Your Kids


On your days off, you definitely want to take is easy. But a
day off is also the perfect time to bond with your kids. You can take a family
trip together. A visit to their grandparents is great, or go for a simple
nature walk. One-on-one
time is crucial for developing the relationship with your kids. So why not go
to your favorite restaurant with them. They will experience something new, and
get to know the things you like. You can also feel like a kid again by watching
the latest cartoons together.  A trip to
the cinema will be a great stress relief, and just might bring out a smile
after a tough week.

 In any case, an activity you do together will mean you spend
quality time with your kids. It will shift your attention away from work, and
let you focus on what matters – your kids. And even though those moments may
seem insignificant, it is the little things in life that make it worth living.

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