Human beings tend to get creative when it comes to solving internal problems with external solutions. However, it is crucial to understand that your physical and mental well-being stems from the harmony of your inner being. After all, your body is your temple. 

Yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian practice that can help us achieve that balance. It has been talked and written about countless times, but people have only recently started to accept its significance. Recent studies prove that yoga is relevant and beneficial to our overall physical and mental health. 

Generally, the yoga industry is dominated by the female population as a practice to relieve stress, release tension, improve health and fitness, and become physically and mentally stronger.

Physical Health

Although yoga seems like a gentle physical practice, its benefits affect the body on a much deeper level than most presume. Practicing yoga at least 15 minutes a day or having just a few sessions a week will affect gene expression and alter the immune system. Hence, systolic blood pressure is reduced in people suffering from hypertension. 

The breathing exercises enhance exercise capacity and increase blood oxygen levels to help combat lung problems. Meanwhile, you will be using every muscle and bone in your body, even the ones you never knew you had. This brings about an improvement of strength, flexibility, joint mobility, digestion, and mood. Some ladies swear that yoga improved their sex life!

Mental Health

Mental health problems have become the new pandemic surrounding young children and adults. Many people are fighting against their inner demons. It is crucial now more than ever that you look within yourself and discover that the solution to almost any problem lies deep inside your soul and mind. Studies show that practicing yoga twice a week decreases depression levels by 50%, while it reduces anxiety levels by 30%. 

Yoga creates a means for people to communicate with their true selves through meditation, breathing exercises, and posture correction. On a micro level, implementing yoga in a daily lifestyle can change the brain’s chemistry and boosts one’s mood as a result. Therefore, you should practice yoga for the sake of self-betterment and reap its wondrous benefits.

 The Evolution of Yoga 

Yoga is undergoing its own form of evolution. To date, there are more than 100 yoga styles, such as silent disco and aerial yoga. However, all these fancy names eventually lead to the same goal of achieving inner balance. 

Moreover, the social media boom led to more than 60 million trending yoga posts adding to its popularity of being instafamous. When it comes to business, the yoga industry is an ever-growing industry, currently worth around $84 billion. It even managed to withstand the 2008 recession, given its market strength. Also, this growth is likely to bring about more yoga teachers and studios.


Practicing yoga every day can only be beneficial to you. There are over 100 yoga styles you can choose from, so pinpoint the one most relevant to you and be well on your way to inner healing.

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