Why am I calling this article “You Need YOU!” with that emphasis on the second “you”?

Because a healthy dose of selfishness is so necessary for your well-being.

I would like to start by discussing the consequences of not having a healthy dose of selfishness. Not having a healthy dose of selfishness is too costly on your mind, body and spirit. Although it is awesome to be a very generous giver, the first person that you must give in order for you to have an overflow of things to offer to others is to yourself.

Constantly giving to others without giving to yourself, over time, leads you to becoming a needy person and this is not a good path to be in life. This is because as you are giving, you are emptying from yourself and you are not putting in your tank any of the things that you are giving to others. The only analogy I can think of to compare this to is a bank account. If you have an account and all you’re doing is making withdrawals and no deposits, you will be left with a $0 balance. When you have a balance of $0 within you, this will make you needy for love and attention and
you don’t want that. Neediness is a people repellent and this is because it is too much work for others to give to you what you need to give to yourself.

Another consequence of not having a healthy dose of selfishness is that you will notice that you feel unhappy on a daily basis and you may not understand why. This is because you have become disconnected with yourself. When you are disconnected with yourself, your life is not in alignment with who you truly are. Your outside life starts reflecting your inner life.

You may also notice that mentally you don’t see life with a positive perspective. Again, if you feel empty inside because you haven’t been paying attention to your needs, there is no way you can have a positive outlook in life. Everything about us is connected- the mind, body and spirit- so how you view your life affects the way you feel about your life.

So how can you start taking care of yourself so that you do make sure you tend to your needs? What does it mean that you need YOU? What you need YOU means that you need your own self love, you need your own attention, you need your own care, you need to pamper yourself and you need your own uplifting. The same care that you would provide to someone else that you love, you need to do the same for yourself.

Start treating yourself the way you would treat a loved one. Whenever you need encouragement, give yourself that encouragement. Start to see the positive in you. Start treating yourself with upmost respect. Start treating your body with respect. Whenever you feel like doing something that is positive for yourself and you are able to, then do it. Start paying attention to what it is that you truly need and make sure that you tend to your needs.

Believe it or not, no one can give you the actual treatment that you need like yourself. You are the one that knows the kind of encouragement that you need. You are the one who knows the way you need to be loved. You are the one who knows how your body needs to be treated. Only you. If you think you don’t know, I suggest you start getting connected with yourself so that you can be in touch with who you are and what your needs are. You need YOU more than anybody else and this is critical for your well-being.


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