What is fxphd? Glad you asked.

fxphd is an online vfx, production, post-production training program led by professionals. We offer both application and craft-based courses, online forums for feedback, and vpn software. Curriculum includes courses in applications such as Nuke, Flame, Maya, Houdini, After Effects, Final Cut, Color, and more. As owners of RED #22, we have been involved with the ground breaking camera since the very first shipments — and built a solid foundation of on-set and post courses dealing with shooting RED.

Members of fxphd — called postgrads — have access to the high quality footage from fxphd shoots as well as other effects material, such as traditional 2D animation and advanced multi-pass 3D render. This allows them to create their own composites and build shots for their reels under the instruction of fxphd Professors. Footage ranges from NTSC and PAL all the way up to 4:4:4 1920×1080 imagery.


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In order to help learn, members have access to a wide variety of software over the fxphd VPN. Members can download software and by logging into our servers, obtain licensing to run packages such as Nuke, Maya, Mocha, and more. These are the full versions of the software, with no operational restrictions — it’s for non-commercial use and can be used for educational purposes and to build shots for their demo reel.

Our postgrads range in jobs from managing directors and CEOs of VFX companies to 3D artists and flame artists. But it doesn’t stop there — we were pleased to count as members freelance editors, PXC producers, web designers, traditional animators, and telecine assistants. fxphd even made inroads on-set with photographers, DOPs, and the odd live action Director who just wanted to be more informed and technically savvy.

Over the history of fxphd, we’ve grown to become the leading online subscription site for high-end post-production training. Over 90% of our members rate fxphd a “brilliant” or “great” value for their money — with the same percentage rating their course professors “great” or “exceptional”. We’ll answer your questions as soon as we are able and if we don’t get to it, it’s likely one of our members will. You’ll find our forums to be incredibly high level – with very little noise. And don’t forget to listen to our weekly fxphDOD podcast — you can listen to this week’s episode and all past ones by visiting our fxphd podcast page.

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